VIDEO FOTO DIAN SASTRO Wisata Liburan di Hongkong! Bikin Gagal Fokus!

VIDEO FOTO DIAN SASTRO Wisata Liburan di Hongkong! Bikin Gagal Fokus!


VIDEO FOTO DIAN SASTRO Wisata Liburan di Hongkong! Bikin Gagal Fokus!

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VIDEO FOTO DIAN SASTRO Wisata Liburan di Hongkong! Bikin Gagal Fokus!

In 1996, she was the cover girl of Gadis, a teen magazine in Indonesia. She later became popular as Daya, the protagonist in Pasir Berbisik (Whispering Sand). Dian finally kick-started her career on the big screen with a starring role in the box office hit (In Indonesia and Malaysia) Ada Apa Dengan Cinta (AADC) (What's Up With Love? (film)). Since then she has established herself as one of Indonesia's most bankable actresses, starring in films such as, Banyu Biru, Ungu Violet and Belahan Jiwa. as well as foreign movies such as, Puteri Gunung Ledang, which was produced in Malaysia. Recent television appearances include playing Raya in Dunia Tanpa Koma and a brief stint as the host of the game show Kuis Super Milyarder Tiga Milyar. Sastrowardoyo is the daughter and only child of the late Ariawan Sastrowardoyo (1955–1995) and Dewi Parwati Sastrowardoyo (née Setyorini). Her paternal grandparents are the late Dr. Sumarsono Sastrowardoyo, a retired physician and surgeon (and author of the memoir Kembali ke Uteran (Return to Uteran)), and the late Ina Sastrowardoyo. She is a niece of Dr. Aswin W. Sastrowardoyo (b. 1957), currently a physician and formerly guitarist and singer with Chaseiro,[3] a music group of the 1970s and 80s; and Lisa Damayanti Sastrowardoyo (b. 1962). She is also the grandniece of, among others, Sunario (1902–1997), Indonesia's minister of foreign affairs from 1953 to 1956; Dra. Sukanti Suryochondro, a former instructor in women's studies at the University of Indonesia; and Subagio Sastrowardoyo (1924–1995), a noted poet and literary critic. A screenplay based on Kembali ke Uteran is in the works, with plans for Sastrowardoyo to play her own great-grandmother in the film adaptation. Sastrowardoyo's family name is derived from sastra (Sanskrit, writings) and wardaya (Sanskrit, heart), so literally means "writings of the heart." Her paternal great-grandfather, Sutejo Sastrowardoyo (1878–1967), traced the family's ancestry back to 15th century Javanese.
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