Peluang Usaha Jual Beli Domain 2016

Peluang Usaha Jual Beli Domain 2016

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Buy Domains Sell Business Opportunities 2016

Business opportunities buying and selling domains, websites and applications is not in doubt. For beginners jump in this business globally still experienced many obstacles such as language and the way the transaction. Currently in Indonesia has not been a lot of buying and selling domain sites, site selling websites, selling apps, and sites selling script as abroad. However, there is one site that is reliable and largest that site selling original application website domain Indonesia.
Peluang Usaha Jual Beli Domain

Site a hope and a breath of fresh air for the novice to seek fortune selling website domains constrained applications without fear of language and do transactions. sites much like similar sites abroad who focus on buying and selling domains, buying and selling websites, selling and trading application script. So for those of you whose interest makes buying and selling domains, websites, applications and scripts as jobs and business opportunities DO NOT HESITATE to use the site as a Media Sell purchasing and make you a successful person in this field.

How big is the Business Opportunity domain buying and selling, buying and selling websites, selling and buying and selling application script? VERY LARGE BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES why in this area? Because:

1. beautiful and unique domains and keywords on domain (KOD) is very rare because many are purchased for resale
2. The domain is beautiful and unique and keyword on domain (KOD) will have a sale value is very high! Prices around 100ribuan normal domain for .com domain if you can sell the resale starting price of 1 million an FANTASTIC not?
3. selling high-traffic website will be very many people who unthinkingly will buy at high prices
4. selling applications and scripts with advanced features or better than similar applications will be very attractive and sold

How interested? Do not think of it as an advantage of the largest media you achieve success!

Why Must select trusted

1. The site made the original Indonesia
2. Site Indonesian language so it is easier to understand
3. reliable and largest site in Indonesia
4. Payment System easy
5. The Auction System is easy and profitable
6. Admission free
7. Support Admin fast

How to Sell Domain, Website, Application and Script in site?

1. Register in advance at
2. Once registered, please Login or Log in
3. Click Menu => MY ACCOUNT in the Upper Right Corner
4. Click Menu => CREATE LISTING
5. Fill in all the data to suit your needs
6. After Save Listing

How Easy Not to Sell Domain, Website, Application and Script in site? After that you wait just a domain, website, application or script you sell and Do not Forget My Payment Options update on the My Account menu so that when there is an order, you can immediately receive payment!

Then how to domains, websites, applications and scripts you sell faster?

Tips for Selling Domains, Websites, applications and scripts on the site

1. Provide information as possible for Domains, Websites, Applications and Script.
2. Special-sale applications and scripts provide information advantages and superiority.
3. Special selling domain make sure your domain is unique, Keyword On Domains and interesting.
4. Special sales website traffic information make sure you include your website visitors.
5. Promote your sales link to facebook, google plus, twitter, forum and others make sure that everybody Know You Are the Master Sale and Purchase Domain, Website, Application and Script!

No need to think Much and Do not choose another site! Select only the largest media as you buy and sell domain, buying and selling websites, selling and buying and selling application script!

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