VIDEO FOTO WULAN GURITNO Wisata Liburan di Bandung! Bikin Gagal Fokus!

VIDEO FOTO WULAN GURITNO Wisata Liburan di Bandung! Bikin Gagal Fokus!


VIDEO FOTO WULAN GURITNO Wisata Liburan di Bandung! Bikin Gagal Fokus!

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VIDEO FOTO WULAN GURITNO Wisata Liburan di Bandung! Bikin Gagal Fokus!

Wulan Lorraine Guritno (born in London, England, 14 April 1980; age 36 years) is an Indonesian actress who acted in the film Gie and Janji Joni. He is of mixed Java-English and plays the body 168 cm. He is the former lover of the national car racer Ananda Mikola. Name Wulan Guritno began to climb when the typical sweet face as a football presenter on television often address the audience. At age 13, she had a relationship with Attila Syach. Wulan had three years of school in London. After returning to Indonesia, he was in touch again with Atilla, then reportedly she was pregnant before marriage. [Citation needed] Her parents then decided to marry Wulan with Attila, in the still very young age. Wulan gave birth to her first daughter at the age of only 18 years old on June 24, 1998, named Shaloom Razade, the couple finally decided to divorce. Wulan said he could not stand it continue fostering households with Attila Arius Shah (brother of Attar Shah). He said, not only Attila never gave him any maintenance for housekeeping, but also in character thinks her husband was very temperamental, jealous and likes to be rude. Controversy again befall Wulan when he brought his son, Syaloom from the care of her husband. Indeed, at the time the court is not to decide who is entitled to Syaloom. The car was being chased by the younger brother and nephew Atilla which culminated in the destruction of the car carrying Wulan. This case inevitably bring them to justice. Had aspired to be a candidate in the round of the 2009 elections, however, these ideals have run aground. This is due to issue a diploma belonging to Wulan were considered false. Although it has been clarified that his diploma is genuine, but ultimately lover Dimitri Lim chose to retreat from the world of politics. Wulan bachelor release for the second time on March 27, 2009. He was officially released widowhood by marrying the Lim. The ceremony was conducted in Wulan home. In the marriage ceremony Lim handed over dowry in the form of a set of tools prayer. For the wedding reception will be held in April 2009. On July 8, 2010 Wulan had a second child, namely London Abigail Dimitri, from partner Lim. [1] On 19 November 2011 Wulan third child that Jeremiah Alric Dimitri.
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