Paket Pernikahan Gedung Murah di Jakarta

Paket Pernikahan Gedung Murah di Jakarta



Paket Pernikahan Gedung Murah di Jakarta

Paket Pernikahan Gedung Murah di Jakarta

Building Wedding Wedding Packages in Jakarta

Wedding Reception very time-consuming, mind and energy of both the bride and groom as well as large families. Sometimes events do not run maximum Wedding Reception for not prepared the way before the big day and are not prepared to the maximum. Many factors Preparation for the Wedding Reception was not optimal is among others are factors busyness. Busyness factor is the biggest factor not maximum Wedding Reception event, especially in Big Cities like Jakarta.

The flurry of these factors, many people entrust Jakarta Wedding Reception show them to the parties who provide Wedding Packages Jakarta. Jakarta Wedding Packages usually included for event Wedding, Marriage Building and Building Rental Wedding. In choosing the Wedding Packages Jakarta should also see a list of the Wedding Package price does fit in with existing funds or not. In addition, the advantages and facilities that we will get also a consideration in choosing a Wedding Package Wedding Venue Jakarta.

Actually what marriage was? Why are very time-consuming, mind and energy? Marriage according to wikipedia is a binding promise of marriage ceremony that celebrated or carried out by two people with the intention of formalizing the marriage bond in religious norms, legal norms, and social norms. The wedding ceremony has many varieties and variations according to the traditions of ethnic, religious, cultural, or social class. The use of custom or specific rules are sometimes associated with certain religious rules or laws.

Ratification is legally a marriage typically occurs when a written document signed the marriage register. The wedding ceremony itself is usually an event held to perform the ceremony based on the prevailing mores, and a chance to celebrate with friends and family. Women and men who are married is called a bride, and after the ceremony finished and then they called husband and wife within the bonds of marriage.

Then there any Wedding Package Wedding Venue Jakarta or Wedding Packages Wedding Venue in Jakarta that provide attractive offers around the Wedding, Marriage Building, Building Rental Wedding, and of course the Wedding Package price is cheap and nice amenities.

For people who want to make Jakarta or Wedding Reception in Jakarta Choose Graha Matapel Wedding Reception Hall for the event! Why?

The advantage of using Graha Matapel Hall:
1. Very Exclusive shades Elegant Modern style that accommodates a capacity of 500-600 people.
2. The strategic location and easy to reach by private vehicle or public transportation.
3. Support from partners Catering reliable, reputable and qualified.
4. 1 Day 1 Event, giving flexibility for the Bride and family and colleagues.
5. And others

Anything fasfilitas provided by Graha Matapel Hall? Here Amenities Graha Matapel Hall:
1. Graha Matapel Hall has a basic interior luxurious and exclusive, themed Elegant Modern. Main Hall is located on the 6th floor and Ceiling dome-shaped curved so as to give the impression of stately and spacious.
2. Amenities Plus Among others: VIP Room, Pre Function Hall, Sound System, Multimedia, 2 lifts Unit Support, Supported by a parking capacity that is safe, comfortable
3. Capacity Venue can accommodate up to 500 people standing or 400 people in a sitting condition.
4. And others can detail your facility Check in = Discount Wedding Wedding Venue Jakarta

Continues at what cost? It must be expensive? Just calm Wedding Package price VERY CHEAP!

Wedding Package Price:
1. Base Package (300 PAX)
Price: USD 53,000,000
Includes: Wedding Venue, Food And Beverage, Wedding Decoration

2. Base Package (400 PAX)
Price: USD 62 million
Includes: Wedding Venue, Food And Beverage, Wedding Decoration

3. Base Package (500 PAX)
Price: USD 71 million
Includes: Wedding Venue, Food And Beverage, Wedding Decoration

Call Now Also Graha Matapel Hall for Your Wedding Reception Event!

Contact us:
Graha Matapel 6th Floor,
Jl. Arjuna Utara 46
Jakarta 11510 - Indonesia

Phone: 0858-1127-0968
WhatsApp: 0878-7866-1773

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